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Client Reviews

Leslie is compassionate, professional, non-judgmental, and very friendly. She has helped me process my life changes and grief immensely. I would recommend her to anyone.  

I love [Leslie's] no-nonsense style that is coupled with a laidback quality. Both encourage me to relax. She's in tune with my spiritual beliefs and supports me there. Her expertise is perfectly aligned with my needs.   

Leslie is very great and supportive counselor! She listens and I feel completely comfortable opening up to her! She has offered me useful resources that are used to cope! Thank you so much!   

Miss Boyett is a knowledgeable and caring person, very willing to help and sacrifice her time for you. She has helped me a lot.  

Leslie is a kind, spiritual, and helping person. She works very hard to be there for her clients. I appreciate her being available so often. I look forward to working with her more and more in the future.  

Leslie is the best counselor I've worked with. I like the convenience of working through the phone. Well rounded, easy to talk to and knowledgeable.  

Leslie is great, very easy to open up to and helping me be more conscious of bettering myself!

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