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Group Therapy Sessions

  • Young Adults (18-25)

    Every week
    Learn to Embrace Change, Find Your Way, & Be Your Best Self
    Valid for 12 weeks
    • Two, 45 minute group therapy sessions (weekly or bi-weekly)
    • Individualized career and values clarification work
    • Guided learning modules with workbook
    • Message with therapist between sessions for ongoing support
    • Individual sessions at reduced cost during group membership

Have you realized that you don't know which path to take in life? We know we need to care for ourselves better, re-evaluate our priorities, focus on finding our strengths, spend more time with the people who are important to us, and we desire to feel confident in our decisions. Making good decisions does not have to be complicated. I can teach you skills to improve your confidence.

How can this program help you? 

1. Learn how to make good decisions for your future

2. Stop feeling like a failure in your relationships

3. Feel in control of your emotional pain

4. Discover how to utilize your unique strengths to make positive changes

5. Discover a more healthy level of functioning

6. Build confidence and improve your interpersonal skills

*All sessions are currently being held online.                                


Group Leader

Leslie Boyett,



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Features Ongoing Enrollment

Included in your package:

  • Two, 45 minute group therapy sessions

  • Guided learning with workbook

  • Secure messaging with the therapist between sessions for ongoing support                         

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