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Services and Fees


45 or 60 minute session for established client to address identified problems, work on personal goals, and explore healthy coping skills.

45 minutes, $110 - $125

60 minutes, $125 - $165


45 minute visit to learn and practice skills to help ease emotional and physical distress (this session is for guided practice of coping skills and not for processing issues).



60 minute session with two partners to identify personal strengths that each partner can utilize to help resolve conflict and strengthen the relationship.

$130 - $180


1 hour session for new clients to help identify problems and establish a treatment plan.

$150 - $230


75 minute session to assess all aspects of wellness, particularly physical health history and nutrition assessment. We will identify problems and discuss possible areas for treatment.



Two 45 minute group sessions provide the therapy you need with the added benefit of social support. Listening and responding to other people's experiences gives you the advantage of learning more and developing strong communication skills. Group sessions address your issues, make you more accountable to change, and help you look at the world differently. Group members are bound by confidentiality, just like the therapist.



1 hour coaching session for goal setting, decision making, career guidance, life coaching, health coaching, cognitive training, or professional/business coaching.
(Mental health professionals can receive guidance in developing your business, skill set, specialty programs, discovering your ideal client, and developing a niche practice.)



60 minute session with two or more family members to help resolve conflict, establish boundaries, improve communication, and strengthen relationships.

(For adults and children over age 14 only)


$130 - $170

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