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Is Your Brain Performing at Its Best?

We all want to be mentally sharp and use our brain to the best of its ability. Could your lack of attention, poor concentration, or forgetfulness actually be caused by an underlying problem? If you're having a hard time studying or performing in school, difficulty completing projects at work, or finding it hard to concentrate on even small tasks, there may be something underlying going on. The Brain Check assessment can help us figure out if your symptoms are related to a mental health disorder or if additional care is needed.

Cognitive issues don't just affect the elderly. Many young people are experiencing cognitive issues due to problems such as COVID-19 infection and CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) from sports injuries. Some veterans, people involved in seemingly minor accidents, and athletes experience cognitive issues due to undiagnosed brain trauma. Brain trauma is way more common than people realize!


I myself suffered with brain fog and poor concentration for four years before being diagnosed with an underlying illness. Mental health disorders such as depression can also affect our cognitive functioning. The Brain Check program can help us discover and treat cognitive issues. You don't have to spend hours Googling how to improve your memory or concentration in hopes of a solution. I'm here to help you figure this out and develop a comprehensive plan to get you on the path to improved cognitive functioning.

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